Corporate Retreats

We custom design our corporate retreat packages based on the needs and goals of each unique organization. 

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Designed with Your Organization in Mind

Our full day retreats are typically 6 hours, while half day retreats are 3 hours. Multiple days can be requested depending on your needs, goals, and group size.

Goal Targeted Plans

Each retreat is custom designed to the needs and goals of each organization. Common goals corporate clients aim to work towards include team building, effective leadership, and interpersonal effectiveness (understanding and approving communication).

Activities During Your Time With Us

A common full day retreat can include breakfast, goal setting sessions, exploration of mindfulness and its benefits, equine assisted learning sessions, and mindfulness based nature activities including walking, gardening, bird and wildlife watching, yoga, and more!

How My Process Works

Schedule a Discovery Call

After exploring our services, please contact us via the form on our Contact Page. We will be in touch to set up a time for us to connect and assess your needs!

Book Your Session

Once we've had a meaningful conversation regarding your needs and goals, we can determine which programs best suit your needs, and can develop a plan together.

Experience Your Growth

Growth and healing are gradual processes, but it is always worth it! We look forward to helping you work towards your goals, and become the best version of you!